Amber Heard claims she lost jobs after making abuse allegations against Johnny Depp

Actress Amber Heard is claiming that she lost work after publicly making abuse allegations against her ex, Johnny Depp.

The 32-year-old “Aquaman” star penned an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she never mentions Depp by name, but directly references the backlash her life has received since coming forward two years ago as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

“Friends and advisers told me I would never again work as an actress — that I would be blacklisted. A movie I was attached to recast my role. I had just shot a two-year campaign as the face of a global fashion brand, and the company dropped me. Questions arose as to whether I would be able to keep my role of Mera in the movies ‘Justice League’ and ‘Aquaman,” she wrote.


As previously reported, The actress filed for divorce from Depp in 2016 amid claims that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor physically and verbally abused her. Depp, who has repeatedly denied the allegations, was accused of throwing a cellphone at Heard during a drunken attack. Heard and Depp settled their $7 million divorce a year later.

Heard said she hoped to use her writing as a way to support other victims of abuse and highlight the growing number of changes that have been enacted for and by women since the rise of the #MeToo movement in 2017. She even went as far as to call out President Trump for the numerous allegations against him.

“We are in a transformative political moment. The president of our country has been accused by more than a dozen women of sexual misconduct, including assault and harassment. Outrage over his statements and behavior has energized a female-led opposition,” she wrote. “#MeToo started a conversation about just how profoundly sexual violence affects women in every area of our lives. And last month, more women were elected to Congress than ever in our history, with a mandate to take women’s issues seriously. Women’s rage and determination to end sexual violence are turning into a political force.”

Amber Heard donated her $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to charities and children's hospital.

Amber Heard donated her $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to charities and children's hospital. (Reuters)

She also advocated for specific policies such as the Violence Against Women Act and Title IX protection on college campuses.

In closing, the star gave some insight into what her life has been like since making her allegations against the 55-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, noting that she’s received death threats since.

“I write this as a woman who had to change my phone number weekly because I was getting death threats. For months, I rarely left my apartment, and when I did, I was pursued by camera drones and photographers on foot, on motorcycles and in cars. Tabloid outlets that posted pictures of me spun them in a negative light,” she said. “I felt as though I was on trial in the court of public opinion — and my life and livelihood depended on myriad judgments far beyond my control.”