'All My Children's' Jennifer Bassey booted from plane amid claims she assaulted flight attendant

"All My Children" actress Jennifer Bassey was escorted off of an airplane after a flight attendant claimed the actress assaulted her, TMZ reports.

Delta told TMZ they are looking into the incident.

The 72-year-old actress told the gossip site that things heated up when the female attendant asked her loudly, "Aren't you going to flush?" after Bassey left the bathroom on her Delta flight from New York City.

According to the actress, the attendant followed her back to her seat when they bumped hands. Bassey claims the attendant then yelled, "Don't you touch me, don't you ever touch me."

Bassey responded by mouthing "Go f--k yourself." The flight, which had already taken off, then returned to the gate, and Bassey was removed from the plane by two police officers. 

She was not arrested. TMZ reports that the officers were called for an assault but found no evidence of one.

Bassey told the site she hopes the attendant loses her job.

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