Actress Kristen Hager specializes in zombies, aliens and werewolves

Kristen Hager plays the werewolf Nora on the SyFy Network series "Being Human." She has also starred in the "Alien vs. Predator" series, as well as the horror comedy "A Little Bit Zombie."

She recently took part in a shoot for the popular photo site, and told them her affinity for the sci-if genre is completely accidental.

"It’s definitely been something that sought me out as opposed to me seeking it out, and it’s been entirely coincidental that I’ve done so many things that would fall into the sci-fi/horror genre," she told MIMP. "But that being said, I love scary films! And I’ve loved science fiction stories since I was a kid, so it’s very enjoyable to do those jobs."

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But even with her impressive resume of scary creatures, Hager still has dreams.

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    "I would love to do a really scary film that involves ghosts and poltergeists. You know what? I also LOVE a good alien film. And even though I did Alien Vs. Predator, I would still like to do a "Fire In The Sky"-type of film, you know? Like an alien abduction story."

    Hager's next film, "Right Kind of Wrong," doesn't involve supernatural beings, but its actors all have experience with those kind of roles.

    "It’s a romantic comedy starring Ryan Kwanten, who is on 'True Blood,' and also stars Sara Canning, who played the aunt in 'The Vampire Diaries,'" she said. "So between the three of us, we definitely have the vampire/werewolf worlds covered!"

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