National Geographic Channel (NGC) announced this week that the plug had been pulled on its first-ever scripted series, ‘Act of Valor,’ spawned from the hit 2012 film of the same name.

A source close to the “Act of Valor” TV series told FOX411 that the break-up came as a result of an extreme difference in visions between distributors Relativity Media and the original “Act of Valor” filmmakers, The Bandito Brothers.

We're told the project is one close to the hearts of The Bandito Brothers, but it became impossible to get across to NGC what they envisioned.

A source connected to Relativity dismissed claims that internal problems or creative differences caused the project to be squashed.

A rep for NGC confirmed that they are “unfortunately not moving forward with ‘Act of Valor’ in favor of other scripted projects under consideration that will be announced soon.”

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    The rep declined to comment on whether vision differences were the catalyst for the project being scrapped.

    Last October, NGC said it was moving into the scripted space with the war drama, working with Relativity Media, Tandem Communications and The Bandito Brothers to bring an “Act of Valor” to the small screen.

    It was slated to start filming early this year.

    But even though NGC is out, another source said that doesn’t mean the project is dead.

    “We are obviously (looking),” said the insider. “We are connected to the franchise so we are looking at that (other networks) as an option.”

    Whether or not The Bandito Brothers remain involved is unclear. The “Act of Valor” movie made more than $70 million off an estimated $12 million production budget, starring active duty Navy SEALs and telling the tale of their covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent.

    The off-shoot series was to focus on pararescuemen, also referred to as PJs. Written by “Band of Brothers” screenwriter Erik Jendresen, the television version was billed as following “the unsung heroes that are tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments.”

    Last August, Relativity announced that it had acquired the worldwide rights to the sequel to the “Act of Valor” film, this time about elite SWAT officers.

    Relativity Media declined to comment, and reps for The Bandito Brothers, Tandem and Jendresen did not respond to a comment request.

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