'About Last Night' stars Kevin Hart, Regina Hall argue about ‘big panties’

“About Last Night” co-stars Kevin Hart and Regina Hall got to talking about… underwear.

The two sat down with Fox News to discuss their new flick, and they got around to giving some relationship advice – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

But they aren’t exactly on the same page.

“Be loving, be truthful… be yourself,” Hall advised. “If you like big panties, then you wear your big panties. You don’t need to wear a thong.”

Hart quickly chimed in to disagree: “I think full panties are stupid. Here’s my thing, why [have] you got to wear panties like you’re 75? And I’m not talking about cool big panties; I’m talking about the ones that come in a pack.”

Hall retorted, “If you don’t like my panties then take them off quicker.”

“You know, my panties are comfortable,” she concluded. “Ladies, wear the underwear you want.”

Watch the video above to see the duo’s entire hilarious debate.