In its two-hour premiere, fans welcomed back the Jack Bauer they know and love, as well as the show’s signature twists and turns. One could almost forget it had been four years since the last episode had aired.

Unless you looked at Chloe O’Brian.

The character had been through a lot by the series' end, but it didn’t explain her new goth look or the whereabouts of her family. In a heartbreaking scene with Jack, Chloe finally explained what she’d gone through while he was away.

Jack discovers Yates’ body in the pub bathroom and with Chloe’s help he manages to chase Simone, the daughter of Margot Al-Harzai through the streets of London. They come close to catching her and obtaining the drone technology she’s gotten away with, but a happy family of three distracts Chloe at the last minute and she manages to let Simone slip out of her sight. When Jack confronts her about her misstep, Chloe reveals that her husband Morris and son Prescott had been killed in a hit and run accident on their way home from soccer practice. Chloe confesses she was supposed to be the one to pick her son up that day and believes that whoever had caused the crash wanted her dead due to role in connection to Jack’s disappearance.

After Jack and Chloe’s tender moment, the show is back to its usual breakneck pace. They soon discover Margot’s husband was a terrorist killed in a drone strike authorized by President Heller, making her motive to kill the president abundantly clear. Since they aren’t able to deliver the technology, they hatch a plan for Jack to infiltrate the embassy and make the government aware that the technology exists.

Margot seems to have done a good job raising obedient terrorist children. One member of the family who might prove to be a weak link? Simone’s husband, Naveed, who has some trouble accepting that his wife occasionally has to sleep with other men for the cause. Despite a pep talk from his evil mother-in-law, he confesses to Simone he’s having second thoughts about the upcoming drone strike, unaware Margot is watching them via security cameras.

CIA agent Kate Morgan proves just how resourceful she is when she goes against her commander's orders and kidnaps one of Yates’ bodyguards who was involved in the last episode's shoot out. After some probing, he confesses he doesn’t know much, but tells her that Yates’ plan involved drones and someone named Tanner.

At the embassy, Audrey tries to convince her father not to go through with his decision to speak to Parliament, believing the stress will cause his condition to worsen. Heller says he knows that Mark put her up to this and that his mind can’t be changed. The military base is too important and the controversy over the drones needs to be dealt with head on.

This leads to a conversation between Mark and Audrey that proves the couple might not be as happy as they seem. She angry at the way he treated her father and tired of his need to control everyone around him, including her. She reminds him she’s not the fragile woman she once was, which means his decision to lie to her about Jack’s return for her own good will sting that much more when the truth inevitably comes out. Before the meeting with Parliament, Mark forges the signature of James Heller on a document, his true motives unclear.

Whether he’s good or evil remains to be seen, but once the president does begin to speak, it's clear Mark wasn’t wrong about one thing. Heller is immediately met with hecklers who claim he is unable to control his weapons or his men. He struggles to find his words in front of his increasingly hostile audience while Audrey looks on helplessly.

Jack convinces Adrian Cross to create credentials to allow him to enter the embassy. Unbeknownst to Chloe, Adrian purposely uses bad info to create the ID, knowing it will lead to Jack’s arrest. He’s flagged at security but manages to break into the crowd of drone protesters. After an altercation with a guard, Jack snags a gun and starts shooting, creating panic amongst the demonstrators.

A full scale riot erupts just as Kate Morgan arrives to question Chris Tanner over his role in the accidental drone strike. She spots Jack in the crowd and screams his name just as he and a mob of protesters burst past the gates.

Will anyone make it out of the embassy alive?

“24: Live Another Day” airs Mondays at 9 p.m.