'2 Broke Girls' star Jonathan Kite on working with Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs

Jonathan Kite stars in CBS’ hit sitcom, “2 Broke Girls,” which debuts its fourth season October 27th, as the thick-accented, slightly creepy cook Oleg.  He shared his array of celebrity impersonations, his thoughts on new-found fame and what its like working with two of TV’s hottest stars.

FOX411: Do people confuse you and your character Oleg?

Jonathan Kite: I think I dress differently enough and act differently enough, and every now and then when I’m doing stand-up, and I’ll come out I’ll hear someone whisper, “Where’s the accent?”  So, I’ll turn and do the accent so they’ll know that it’s me. I’m from Chicagoland area, so there are a lot of Eastern Europeans there and my friends growing up are first generation Americans, so all their family sounded like that.

FOX411: Do you feel very protective over your co-stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs?

Kite: They’re like my sisters. You know, I love them. They’re just amazing people. They’re so talented, and so hard-working, and they’re really, really, really nice. I think that’s something that everybody has going on in the show is that we all get along really well, which I’m not going to say that’s a rare thing, but I think that’s very helpful when it happens. I look at them like my sisters. They’re so sweet

FOX411: You have an ear for impressions. What are some of the celebrity impersonations you can do?

Kite: Vince Vaughn, Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise. (watch above video to check out Jonathan’s celeb impersonations)

FOX411: What's your trick?

Kite: It’s the same trick as doing an accent, but with an accent you have many versions you can go to. You can listen to anybody in New York, and technically it would be New York. It’s finding the specifics about the one, so it’s kind of taking that same ear and pairing it down to one, like Vince Vaughn is an accent, but it’s the accent to Vince Vaughn.