10 Unbelievable Moments in 'Price Is Right' History

When we're watching an episode of "The Price Is Right," it's not uncommon for us to jump out of our seats and yell at the TV, usually after some moron prices a box of Rice-A-Roni at $5.

But aside from our angry outbursts, which only happen about once or twice a week, "The Price Is Right" has given us plenty of jaw-dropping, unbelievable, or jump-up-out-of-our-seat-and-cheer moments — like the time a contestant won a million bucks in a few short seconds, or the episode where one of the models crashed a car on-stage.

Have a look at the most memorable examples below, if only to give your voice a break from screaming "IT'S A DOLLAR FIFTY-NINE, IDIOT!!" directly into your flat-screen.

Manuela Gives Away a Car

With so many Pricing Games, sometimes it's hard for a contestant to keep track of the rules. Heck, even Manuela Arbeláez — an employee on the show — doesn't remember how all the games work.

Cynthia Wins $1 Million in 8 Seconds

Cynthia was probably just hoping to go home with an ugly brown couch and an exercise machine, but a little bit of extra cash is nice, too.

Patricia Is Still in the Restroom

Soon-to-be contestant Patricia Bernard was taking a bathroom break when Johnny Olsen announces her name. Luckily, Bob is a patient guy.

Michael Has Seen This One Before

Michael doesn't miss a trick. He said he already saw that scooter on an episode last week. Bob shouldn't be so shocked.

Happy 19th Birthday, Taylor

19-year-old birthday boy Taylor must've had a horseshoe stuck up his nose when he stepped down to Contestants' Row. For the next hour of his life, everthing this kid touched turned to cars and cash.

Rachel Crashes a Mustang

No one was harmed in the filming of this particular episode, but Bob Barker did give Rachel Reynolds a few jabs for her poor driving skills.

Ella Learns Golf During 'Hole in One'

We gotta say, we didn't have much hope for Ella after her first disastrous putt. Then, right before our eyes, she becomes the Tiger Woods of CBS Studios.

Terry's Exact 'Showcase Showdown' Guess

On September 22, 2008, Terry Kneiss became the first and only person to guess the exact price — to the dollar — of his Showcase Showdown prizes. You'd think Drew would be a little more excited, but he had good reason not to be: He thought Kneiss had scammed the show, and figured the episode would never air.

George Eats Treadmill on National TV

If you ever wondered why we rarely see "Price Is Right" announcer George Gray presenting a showcase, this is probably the reason.

Holly Loses a Fight With a Fridge

After watching Holly Hallstrom try (and fail) to contain this Gibson refrigerator, we're surprised anyone actually wanted to bid on the thing.