Charity fights hunger in South Sudan 'one goat at a time'

The struggles of war-torn South Sudan reach beyond the battlefield as the country's people suffer from polio, post-traumatic stress disorder and hunger at home.

“Goats for the Old Goat,” a charity started by Fox News contributor Ellen Ratner, teamed up with Christian Solidarity International, which has presence in Southern Sudan, to provide medical care and basic needs to sufferers.

The charity seeks to “fight hunger one goat at a time,” by pairing goats to families in Southern Sudan, which Ratner says will provide protein and other nutrition to families that currently are not receiving enough.

The goats provide up to a liter of milk a day and cheese, and can be used for food and also help fertilize the land.

For more information and to find ways to help, visit the “Goats for the Old Goat” website.