Woman Who Crawled Inside Gutted Horse Carcass Wanted to 'Feel One' With Nature

A woman who crawled inside the gutted carcass of a horse and took photos of herself and her boyfriend holding the animal's organs will not face charges.

The woman, 21, told Washington County sheriff's deputies that she enacted the gruesome scenes in order to "feel one" with the horse, KOIN reported Thursday.

In addition to the shot of the woman inside the horse, there is a photo of the couple holding what appears to be the animal's heart and a shot of the pair holding an unidentified piece of the horse near their mouths as though they are about to eat it.

A more artistic image shows the woman, drenched in blood, standing beside the animal she has just been inside.

According to a Washington County Sheriff's Office incident report, the couple killed the horse with a single rifle shot to the head. They said they intended to kill the horse humanely and to eat it. But the woman's desire to "feel one" with the horse carcass soon took over.

"At some point in your career, you say, 'Yeah, I've seen a lot of bad stuff,'" Washington County Sgt. Dave Thompson said. "[Then] you see this kind of picture and you realize maybe you haven't seen everything."

The images have been widely circulated online, leading to death threats against the woman, according to her mother.

Authorities concluded that no laws had been broken and that the animal was killed humanely.