Woman too poor to afford funeral buries husband in backyard

California authorities made a sad and ghastly discovery this week during a routine check on a San Bernadino man:  His wife had buried him in their backyard because she couldn’t afford a funeral.

According to NBC4, Yvonne Winn, 59, told police that her husband, Thom Winn, 63, died last month of natural causes, and she then buried him in a makeshift grave, a hole about 5-feet deep she dug behind their Apple Valley home.

Thomas Winn’s body was discovered stuffed into two garbage bags, according to NBC4 in Southern California.

“When they pulled the body out, the smell was rancid,” a neighbor told NBC4.

Neighbors are now raising money to give Thomas Winn a proper funeral service, and one local woman has reportedly even donated a tuxedo in which he will be properly buried.

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