Woman searching for antique bottles found dead with hand rising from ground, cops say

A California woman who was found dead after her hand was eerily spotted rising out of the ground where she may have been digging for antique bottles, police said.

The body of 32-year-old Jessica Elyce Widner was found in a collapsed cave Thursday after police received an anonymous tip about a hand sticking out of the dirt near a glass bottle dump in Crestline, the Press-Enterprise reports.

“The bottles are remnants of the early 1900s, possibly during the Prohibition Era,” Gil Flores, a spokesman for the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station, told the newspaper. “So some of the bottles can bring in a few dollars for collectors. This brings people to the location looking to make a few bucks.”

Flores said investigators believe dislodged dirt from the roof of the cave fell on Widner and that she was found with tools suggesting that she was excavating the area.

“What made this situation dangerous was the hillside people dug into in order to retrieve buried bottles was not stabilized. It was primarily decomposed granite, so the soil was very dense,” Flores told the Press-Enterprise.