Woman getting ride from cop grabs his gun and kills herself

A troubled Illinois woman who got a ride to the hospital from a police officer grabbed his service gun and killed herself as he drove, police said.

Stephanie Hicks, 20, of Alton Ill., was making the 10-mile trek from her home to Christian Hospital in St. Louis, where she planned to check herself in for mental health help, according to police. With temperatures near 100 degrees, the police officer, who was not identified, offered Hicks a ride as she crossed a bridge.

While it isn't typical protocol to allow courtesy rides, the officer called his supervisor to get permission, according to reports. He also allowed her to sit in the front seat, possibly because it was cooler there.

“For some reason that we’ll never know, only God will, she decided to disarm the officer by surprising him," Chief David Hayes told Fox2Now. "It was an unexpected move by her. The officer didn’t perceive her as a threat.  She’s a five foot, one hundred pound girl , and nobody in their right mind would perceive a person like that to be a threat."

Hicks reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder. Her mother, Robbin Hicks, said Stephanie tried to commit suicide a year ago. She also says her daughter left a note of some sort a few days ago. Still, she bitterly questioned the police account.

“I don’t believe Alton police and there’s nothing they can say to make me believe it,” she told Fox2Now.

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