Wife hits husband with SUV after fight over Wisconsin recall election

A Wisconsin woman sent her husband to the emergency room after she hit him with her car during a heated argument over the Wisconsin recall election.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 36-year-old Jeffrey Radle was hospitalized with head, neck and back injuries Tuesday after he tried to prevent his wife from leaving their Chippewa Falls, Wis., home to vote in the Wisconsin recall election Democratic primary.

Radle tried several times to block Amanda Radle, 30, from leaving their home in her Dodge Durango, at one point even climbing onto the hood of the car. After being nudged several times, Radle was struck when he tried to stop his wife from swerving around him.

Mike Radle said Tuesday that his brother was in stable condition and would remain in the hospital overnight.

"These crazy liberal nuts are always pulling this crap," he told the Journal Sentinel, noting that both he and his brother were supporters of Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Amanda Radle later reported the incident to police, though it was unclear if she did so before or after voting.

Chippewa Falls Police Chief Wendy L. Stelter said the couple is believed to be separated and had had previous run-ins with the cops.

"This certainly raises it to another level," Stelter told the paper. "To think that people would become that distraught over an election is very concerning."

Walker will face Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett -- who won the Democratic primary Tuesday -- in the June 5 recall election.

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