Virginia man indicted for trying to aid ISIS

A Virginia man charged in a sting operation with attempting to aid the Islamic State is facing additional charges.

Federal prosecutors in Alexandria announced Friday they have indicted 26-year-old Mahmoud A.M. Elhassan of Woodbridge on terrorism charges. The indictment expands on charges levied when Elhassan was first arrested in January.

Elhassan and an acquaintance, Joseph Farrokh, were arrested after Elhassan drove Farrokh to the Richmond airport, where Farrokh planned to start a trip to Syria. Farrokh subsequently pleaded guilty.

The initial charges described Elhassan's role as limited, primarily revolving around driving Farrokh to the airport. Since then, prosecutors have said Elhassan was more involved and that Elhassan also planned to join the Islamic State.

Prosecutors say both men conspired with an individual who turned out to be a government informant.