VIRAL VIDEO: 9-year-old with cerebral palsy tries to stand for National Anthem

A Michigan mother posted a video of her 9-year-old son with cerebral palsy—who loves sports and The Star Spangled Banner—after she noticed the boy trying to stand during the song.

“He always takes off his hat,” Rebecca Wilson said, according to “But until yesterday I never really saw him try to stand.”

Logan, her son, was born over three months early months early and weighed 1 pound 10 ounces. The report said he spent six months in the NCIU and was diagnosed with spastic quad cerebral palsy. He cannot walk and understands very little vocabulary, but his mother describes him as affectionate with a keen understanding of peoples’ emotions.

Though she said her son was unprovoked in the video, she admitted that she posted the clip on Facebook due to the climate surrounding the National Anthem, with athletes and politicians around the country either sitting the song out or taking a knee.

“Even my 9 year old with CP (who can’t walk) knows you’re supposed to stand up during the national anthem…He loves it!”