Video shows driver apparently use sidewalk to pass school bus: report

A motorist in Brooklyn, New York, drove onto a sidewalk this week to apparently get around parked school buses and came within inches of school children being dropped off, according to a video obtained by a former New York State assemblyman.

Dov Hikand released the video Wednesday and called for authorities to look into the incident.

"I'm calling on @NYPD66Pct to look into the matter and arrest the man responsible for the reckless endangerment of children's welfare. All that because he couldn't wait an extra few minutes...,” Hikind tweeted.

The video was recorded in Borough Park, Brooklyn.


The New York Police Department told WABC-TV that detectives are looking into the matter.

"The video evidence and license plate number have been forwarded to the chief of police of the 66th Precinct," Hikand told the news station. "The community is demanding the arrest of this sick individual who unnecessarily endangered the lives of children simply because he couldn't wait an extra few minutes behind a bus."