US announces indictment in Russian spy ring case allegedly aimed at recruiting New Yorkers

A Russian citizen who worked in New York as a banker has been indictment on charges accusing him of participating in a Cold War-style Russian spy ring.

The two-count indictment returned Monday in Manhattan federal court says Evgeny Buryakov and two others conspired to spy and acted as spies.

Prosecutors say that from 2012 through January, Buryakov teamed up with low-level diplomats to gather sensitive economic intelligence on potential U.S. sanctions against Russian banks. Prosecutors say they also tried to recruit others.

At the time, Buryakov worked at the Manhattan branch of a Russian bank. The low-level diplomats, though charged, are believed to have returned to Russia and are protected by immunity because of their diplomatic status.

Buryakov's lawyer did not immediately respond to an email from The Associate Press seeking comment.