Truck driver says deer tossed from highway overpass slammed into windshield

Police in Virginia are looking for possible suspects after a truck driver said a deer tossed from a highway overpass slammed into his windshield.

The deer had a rope tied around its neck as it was thrown off the Buffin Road overpass on I-295 early Friday near Varina, a spokesperson from MCI Express -- a trucking company based in Miami – told CBS 6.

“All I know is that when I came up on the bridge it wasn’t hanging there,” the truck driver told the station. “And then I looked up and a deer came over the bridge on a rope swinging at me.”

The driver said the rope hit him in the face and he ended up with glass shards in his eyes from the broken windshield.

The rope was still tied to the bridge Saturday afternoon following a state police investigation. There are currently no suspects.

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