Trainer clawed by tiger during show for children at Florida fair

A trainer required treatment Tuesday after being clawed on the legs by a tiger as children watched at a Florida fair.

Pensacola Interstate Fair publicist Katie King told the Pensacola News Journal that Vicenta Pages suffered several claw cuts when a 2-year-old Bengal tiger named Gandhi clawed her legs.

"She tripped and landed on her butt,'' King said. "He grabbed her legs with his claws. She inched forward so he wouldn't do too much damage, because she didn't want to pull away and make it worse. She followed protocol."

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King said Pages’ husband rushed to help the trainer. Pages stood up unassisted and talked to the children before going to the hospital. King added that Pages wasn’t bitten. The fair was closed at the time and no children were hurt during the field trip showing.

"She explained that accidents happen, then her husband came on and answered questions for the kids,'' King said.

The White Tiger Show was canceled for the remainder of the fair, which runs through Sunday.

Animal Control wasn’t called after the attack, and King said the tiger won’t be harmed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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