Top Bolivian police official jailed in US for alleged shakedown of ex-AeroSur owner

A high-ranking Bolivian National Police official is jailed in South Florida on charges of attempting to extort thousands of dollars from a prominent Bolivian businessman.

An FBI complaint says Mario Fabricio Ormachea Aliaga offered last month to get Bolivian charges dropped for the businessman in exchange for $30,000. The businessman is Humberto Roca. He's the former owner of Bolivia's AeroSur airline.

Roca fled to the U.S. to avoid Bolivian charges alleging he provided tickets to what authorities called anti-government foreign mercenaries.

Roca had contacted the FBI after learning that Ormachea Aliaga was traveling to Miami to meet with him. Their meetings were recorded.

Ormachea Aliaga is jailed in Miami, and a bail hearing is scheduled for Friday in federal court. A judge will appoint a federal public defender to represent him.