Texas man lives in front yard after wife kicks him out of mansion

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Get out, and stay out.

That is just what Sharafat Khan did.

Khan is the co-owner of a million-dollar mansion in Houston. At some point, he and his wife had a falling out and he was kicked out of the suburban home and, according to reports, the wife changed the keys.

It was an odd sight for neighbors six months ago, but now they are getting concerned about Khan's health, which appears to be in decline as the temperature changes. Khan, 69, told Click2Houston.com that he suffers diabetes and high blood pressure.

The report said Khan is often seen sleeping on his porch wrapped in sheets and, during the day, finds refuge under trees.

Neighbors told the station that if they bring Khan pillows or a blanket, his wife takes them away.

"She doesn't want me to have any sort of comfort," he said.

Police told the station that there is little they can do because, technically, it is Khan’s right to be on the property and they apparently cannot force the wife to allow him into a home. The wife reportedly said she cannot file for divorce due to Islam. The family reportedly adheres to Shariah law.

Khan reportedly refuses help from family members or Adult Protective Services.

Khan, who said he cannot afford a divorce, contradicted his wife's religious claim and said it comes down to money: "She doesn’t want to hand over half her fortune."