Texas Girl Scouts chase after two who allegedly stole cookie money

A 15-year-old Girl Scout was slightly injured over the weekend after chasing down two men who stole the cash box containing cookie sales money.

The theft happened outside a Wal-Mart store in Sugar Land, Texas, near Houston, MyFoxdfw.com reported.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office told the station that the men pulled up in a dark Toyota. The man in the passenger seat got out and started asking Rachel Johnson and Iravia Cotton, both Senior Cadet scouts, about the cookies, according to police.

He then grabbed the cash box with about $200 inside and leaped back into the car, the station reports.

Johnson and Cotton said they both reacted without thinking of their own safety.

"I started hitting the boy who was in the passenger seat, so I think he learned his lesson a little bit," Cotton told the station.

Meanwhile, Johnson ran to the side of the car and clung to it, but was dragged as the car accelerated. She ended up with scrapes and bruises.

Johnson told the station that she had just one thing to say to the alleged thief: "I hope your face hurts from when Iravia punched you."

Investigators have surveillance video of the alleged theft, but said it's too blurry to get a good description of the suspects.

"Who steals from a Girl Scout? I mean, seriously? That's like the worst thing ever," said Johnson.

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