Suspended firefighter: No regrets for transporting toddler

A volunteer firefighter in Virginia who was suspended after rushing a toddler to a hospital in a fire truck says he has no regrets.

Capt. James Kelley tells The Washington Post ( that his decision late last month to transport the 18-month-old girl after she suffered a seizure was "a no-brainer." Another member of the Falmouth Volunteer Fire Department, Sgt. Virgil Bloom, also was suspended.

The child's father says the firefighters are heroes. The firefighters have received an outpouring of support on a Facebook page advocating their reinstatement.

Kelley says he was aware of rules against using a firetruck to transport someone in medical need, but he disregarded them because it was unclear when an ambulance would arrive. He and Bloom were three minutes from the nearest hospital.