Suspects Allegedly Ate Pizza at House After Fatally Stabbing Boston Deliveryman

Three people accused of stabbing a Domino's Pizza deliveryman to death allegedly drove to a friend's house after the killing and ate the stolen pizza, reports.

Aline Valery, of Boston, told police that the three suspects came to her house last week covered in blood and ate some of the pizza they had stolen without her knowing where they had gotten it from.

Prosecutors said the three suspects lured 58-year-old Richel Nova to an abandoned home in Hyde Park -- the southernmost neighborhood of Boston -- where they robbed him of $100 and killed him before fleeing in his vehicle.

Michel Andre St. Jean, 20, Alexander Emmanuel Gallett, 18, and Yamiley Mathurin, 17, were arraigned in West Roxbury Municipal Court Tuesday and ordered held without bail.

"His killers likely didn't target him personally, but they selected a worker who would be carrying the small amount of money they felt was worth a human life," Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said during a press conference last week.

On Thursday, investigators reportedly searched Valery's home for possible evidence and retrieved several items, including blood-stained sneakers and clothing hidden behind a couch.

Valery told that the items belonged to Gallett, who reportedly slept at her home the night of the alleged attack.

"It was just a normal day," Valery said. "He was just talking to me and I ate a slice or two of that pizza and he ate one and it was just a normal day."

She added that the three suspects told her they had been in a fight.

Nova, an immigrant from the Dominican Republican and father of three, was buried on Wednesday.

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