San Francisco businesses put up plywood in anticipation of election night unrest: report

Businesses in San Francisco are preparing for unrest on election night and storefronts at the city's center have already been boarded up, according to a report.

Violent protests have broken out in cities across the U.S. — most recently in Philadelphia — where protests earlier this week started out peacefully during the day and then turned violent at night.

Harmeet Dhillon, a civil rights attorney and former California Republican Party vice chairwoman, took to Twitter late Thursday to post a picture of a Coach store in the city that was boarded up. The San Francisco Business Times posted a photo of the famous Salesforce Tower that also showed plywood in place outside. The report said Salesforce did not respond for comment.

Marc Intermaggio, the executive president at the Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco, told the journal that buildings in the city are taking “pre-election precaution against any civil unrest. Protecting private property.”

Businesses in San Francisco are not the only metropolitan area preparing for the possibility of unrest on election night. The New York Post reported New York City’s ultra-rich have been hiring armed guards in preparation. The paper said the Time Warner Center, which is home to apartments with sweeping views of Central Park and can fetch tens of millions per unit, will deploy off-duty cops armed with “submachine guns,” according to a source.


San Francisco has a population of about 900,000, but it is unknown how many residents left the city during the pandemic. San Francisco police said in an email to the journal that there is no known threat for election night but said it canceled discretionary days off for its officers in case a “spontaneous event” occurs.