Road rage on I-95: Nation’s busiest highway a hot spot for angry drivers

It’s been a busy few weeks for road rage incidents on Interstate 95, which the Federal Highway Administration says is the nation’s busiest highway.

On June 20 in Florida, a motorist was fatally stabbed after a sideswipe crash in Palm Beach Country involving a sedan and a van. After the crash, the drivers of the two vehicles began fighting and one stabbed the other to death with a knife. It was the county’s third road rage incident on I-95 since February, according to the Palm Beach Post.

On July 6, police arrested an Episcopalian priest after he allegedly pointed a gun at a mother and son in Florida and cursed at them. The priest, William Rian Adams, 35, of Fletcher, N.C., was driving with his wife when he was pulled over in a red Corvette.

Police reportedly found a Glock handgun in the Corvette and arrested Adams on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

On July 9, Maryland police arrested a man and woman who allegedly pointed a gun at another motorist in a road rage incident. Police recovered two loaded handguns and a 2-year-old child in the vehicle. The child was turned over to family members.

Part of the reason for what may be an increase in road rage incidents on I-95 may be the sheer volume of travel on U.S. highways. Last year Americans drove 3.2 trillion miles, and I-95 travel accounted for 53.3 billion of those miles, a number that is expected to rise this year.

“Americans are driving more for a variety of reasons,” FHA spokesman Doug Hecox said to Fox News.

“It may be because the economy is doing better. It may be gasoline being more affordable or maybe because Americans are ordering more online and so that could be increasing commercial freight traffic.”