Raccoon gets head stuck in peanut butter jar at New York home

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A raccoon scavenging for a sweet treat got into a sticky situation on Sunday when its head became stuck in a peanut butter jar, causing it to frantically run around a New York lawn as the homeowner waited for cops to arrive.

The raccoon was captured on video with an empty jar of Skippy peanut butter on its head racing around in the backyard of a Farmingdale home, Newsday reported. The homeowner contacted cops who called in licensed wildlife rehabilitators Bobby and Cath Horvath.

"Animals will do that. If they smell something appetizing they’ll put their heads in there to get the snack and won’t have the dexterity to get themselves out," Horvath told Newsday.


Horvath said he found the "jar head" animal hiding in the bushes when he arrived at the home. He held down the raccoon with a towel as his wife poured cooking oil at the rim to loosen the jar.

The raccoon, who appeared healthy after his new found freedom, scampered away into the woods.

Horvath told the news site it's common for animals to get stuck in jars or other items.

"The best advice is when throwing out a jar, make sure to put the cover back on," Horvath said.