Quake provides field day for Washington wise-acres

Minutes after Tuesday's earthquake rattled Washington, smart-alecks began flooding the social network site Twitter with wisecracks.

"S&P has downgraded earthquake to a 2.0," said one wag, taking a swipe at the rating agency that recently lowered the federal government's credit-worthiness.

Several 140-character wits took potshots at GOP presidential contenders. "Rick Perry denies earthquake," said one. Another had Michele Bachmann vowing to bring all U.S. earthquakes down to a 2.9 magnitude, a dig at her promise to lower gasoline prices. Still another said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a large man, had just "jumped into" the presidential race.

One photo purporting to illustrate the "devastation" in Washington showed a slightly tilting trash can, while another showed a small plastic chair tipped over on a tranquil lawn.

President Barack Obama wasn't spared: "There was just a 5.9 earthquake in Washington. Obama wanted it to be 3.4, but the Republicans wanted 5.9, so he compromised."