Police arrest Florida man after he steals car with pet monkey, allow him one final goodbye

A Floridian and his monkey were both taken into custody Friday after the man drove a stolen vehicle into a ditch.

Cody Hession, 23, was arrested after police say he took a car from his best friend’s stepmom without her knowledge, Fox13 reported.

After he crashed the car, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office officials said, they finally caught up with Hession and noticed that he had a passenger.

Monk, a 4-year-old capuchin monkey, was seen in police body cam footage clinging to Hession ‘s chest.

Before being taken into custody, Hession was allowed to say one final goodbye to his furry friend. The monkey can be seen hugging and holding on to his owner.

Deputy Zachary Dendler told Fox13 that it was “a once-in-a-lifetime experience”; despite his surprise, he couldn’t help but want “to pet the monkey.”

Police say that Hession did not have a permit for the monkey. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was called to the scene and Monk was transported to the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary.

Hession could face additional charges for not having a permit. FWC officials told Fox13 that his application for a permit was denied back in January.

According to officials, Monk was found in “great” condition.