'Pink Underwear' Sheriff Introduces Spanish Print Version

The Arizona sheriff famous for making prisoners wear pink underwear and sleep in uncooled tents is introducing a Spanish-language version of the pink shorts he sells to the public.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio began issuing pink underwear to inmates more than 15 years ago to cut down on pilferage.

Arpaio's Youth Assistance Foundation began selling them after he spoke about them on television and his office was deluged with purchase requests.

The $15 pink boxers feature a sheriff's star and a "Go Joe" logo.

The Spanish-language versions that went on sale Monday are imprinted with "Vamos Jose!"

"Vamos" translates to "We go" in English. A similar-sounding word, "Vamanos," means "Let's go!" in Spanish. A more accurate translation of "Go Joe!" would be "Andale, Jose!"