Parents Say South Florida Charter School Morphs Into Raunchy Adult Club at Night

A southern Florida charter school has been sent a letter of complaint after evidence mounted that the facility was being used as a venue for raunchy late-night parties, The Miami Herald reported Friday.

Concerns were raised after sexually provocative fliers were found advertising wild bashes to be held at the same address as Balare Language Academy, which is a highly-rated Miami charter school with a bilingual curriculum for children in kindergarten through middle school.

Facebook photographs of wild partygoers pouring alcohol in a cramped kitchen whose captions say they were taken at a bash at the school's address have also emerged. Parents have complained of the smell of smoke at the school, as well as empty beer bottles found on the grounds, the report said.

The fliers prompted the Miami-Dade Public Schools district to issue a letter of complaint to the Academy to emphasize the building is zoned to be used as a school, not a nightclub.

The letter pointed specifically to the fliers, with Superintendent Freddie Woodson writing, "All advertisements include the promotion of alcoholic beverages in addition to inappropriate images for school-age children."

School officials told The Herald they knew nothing about the parties and were investigating the matter.

"The school takes this type of allegation very seriously and with the highest priority," the school's attorney Marlon Hill said, adding that the school sublets its space to two churches on weekends and has no other formal contracts for access to its space.

Hill also said the school was taking steps to ensure Balare Language Academy remained a party-free zone after hours.

Hill and his team may be busy this weekend, as one flier featuring a voluptuous and scantily-clad woman and a man surrounded by stacks of cash says its "Push it to Da Limit Pt-1: The Flossin Edition" event will be at the school's address Saturday.

The school district's power is limited in the situation because Balare Language Academy is a charter school, meaning it can only be shut down if it is either in financial distress or has received failing grades from the Florida Department of Education -- neither of which applies to the school.

The company that has put out the fliers -- Outlaw Skinny Promotions -- did not return calls to The Herald.

Balare's founder and principal Rocka Malik said that the party promoters must be using the address in their fliers but are actually holding the parties somewhere else.