Not a winner: Oregon woman denied $8 million jackpot because slot machine was broken

An Oregon gambler said her excitement quickly turned to anger after a slot machine revealed that she won $8 million, but casino staffers said it was broken, and refused to give her the prize.

Veronica Castillo said employees at the Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington turned off the machine and gave her just $80. She had inserted $100, Q13 Fox reports.

"Somebody's going to have to account for why this happened," Fox News Legal Analyst Bob Massi told Fox & Friends. He said an attorney could likely challenge the casino's claim.

In a news release, casino officials said the malfunction was evident. For example, they say the machine's maximum jackpot is just $20,000, which gamblers can see before they insert money.

Many casinos reportedly display notices that claim no cash is awarded during equipment malfunctions. Castillo says that's unfair.

"To me, that's deceiving, it's cheating, it might even be fraudulent," she added.

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