Northern California man files claim against police over baton beating captured on video

A Northern California man has filed a legal claim over a police baton beating captured on video and posted online.

The Monterey Herald ( ) reported Thursday that Jose Velasco is demanding unspecified damages from the city of Salinas, California. If the city denies the claim, Velasco is expected to file a lawsuit.

Salinas police arrested Velasco on June 5 after receiving reports of a man beating a woman. Police with batons beating an unarmed Velasco was captured on video, adding to the national debate over police relations with communities of color.

Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin says the department is investigating. McMillin says officers witnessed Velasco attacking his mother.

Velasco's attorney, John Burris, says Velsaco's mother was trying to pull her son out of traffic and wasn't being attacked.