NFL heiress pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in anti-Semitic coat check rant, attack

The NFL heiress who was accused of hitting a New York lawyer with her glass purse while spewing anti-Semitic comments on New Year’s Eve pleaded guilty Tuesday to disorderly conduct.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke took a plea deal on Tuesday in her assault case and was sentenced to three days of community service for the melee outside an Upper East Side restaurant, the New York Post reported.

Prosecutors said they extended the plea offer to Cooke because the complainant, Matthew Haberkorn, did not suffer serious injuries, the Post reported.


The 29-year-old is the daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke. She told Page Six that she won’t apologize to Haberkorn because her actions were self-defense.

“I’m never going to apologize for defending myself as a woman. Everything I did was in self-defense,” she said.

Haberkorn accused the NFL heiress of becoming irate while waiting behind his 77-year-old mother in a coat-check inline. He recalled Cooke saying, “Hurry up, Jew” during the encounter at Caravaggio restaurant.

The lawyer confronted Cooke on the sidewalk near the restaurant, which is where she allegedly hit Haberkorn with her $400 Lulu Guinness sharp-edged glass purse.

Video taken by his daughter shows Haberkon bleeding from the head just moments after the alleged assault.

To the Post, Cooke asserted that she was in a hurry to reach a party before the midnight ball drop and that all she said was: “Excuse me, I have to get through.”

“He chased me down the street screaming, grabbed me by the neck and broke my finger,” Cooke claims.

According to the Post, Cooke said she agreed to the plea deal rather than go to trial because “I’ve been through so much I couldn’t handle it anymore. It’s been a nightmare.”

Fox News' Katherine Lam contributed to this report.