New York teen found to have one of the longest commutes to school in the world

A Bronx HS of Science student living in Queens officially has one of the longest school commutes on the planet — a journey of more than five hours each day that tops the trips of everyone from a Brazilian kid on a donkey to a Thai girl in a rickshaw.

Santiago Munoz’s two-bus, two-subway trip to one of the country’s premier high schools will be featured in a photo exhibit tonight at the United Nations detailing the hardships children face getting to school.

“The trip I do every day to get to school everyone should be willing to do to get a good education,” he said.

Santiago Muñoz wakes up in his Far Rockaway home and prepares for his long daily commute to the Bronx High School of Science.

Many of the kids highlighted in the exhibit are from developing countries, including a girl in Kenya who walks two hours to school.

But 14-year-old Santiago’s daily journey from a Far Rockaway housing project to the tip of Manhattan, then up near the top of The Bronx — and back again — stands out for its extreme duration. The one-way trip runs between 2 hours, 20 minutes and 2 hours, 40 minutes depending on how transit is running.

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