New York man arrested after dragging policeman with his vehicle

A 60-year-old New York man was finally arrested after a rampage in which he dragged a policeman along the road following a traffic stop.

William Quinn was stopped by an officer on Long Island for having excessively tinted windows, reported Friday.

Police said that that after receiving a ticket, Quinn became agitated and accelerated his 2005 Toyota. The officer was caught on the car and was dragged about 20 feet before being knocked to the ground.

The unidentified officer was able to get back to his car and eventually stopped Quinn nearby. But, according to police, Quinn put his car into reverse and got away once again.

He traveled less than half a mile before more police swooped and stopped him, arresting him during a struggle, the report stated.

The injured officer was treated at the hospital for cuts and bruises to his arms, shoulders and legs.

Quinn was charged with assault, resisting arrest, and various other charges, according to the report.

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