New Peeping Tom Allegations Against Former Officer in Hawaii

A former police officer in Hawaii with a history of peering into neighbor's windows is reportedly back at it again.

Without admitting wrongdoing, Craig Clissold, of Hawaii Kai, Hawaii, agreed on Sept. 15 to have no contact for three years with neighbors who accused him of peering into their windows at night, according to the Hawaii Reporter.

Neighbor Robert Tinsley believes police have given Clissold special treatment because he is a retired cop. Tinsley had previously complained to Hawaiian police about Clissold’s behavior and then caught him in his yard on Sept. 3, peeping into a window, according to court records.

Clissold, 69, told officers he was “looking for his cat” and wasn’t arrested.

Clissold’s wife, Adriane, said her husband could not discuss the case and stressed that no allegations were proven against her husband.

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