New Hampshire city sues Robin Hood, Merry Men over feeding parking meters

A city in New Hampshire is suing a group that signs letters "Robin Hood and his Merry Men" that make a point of searching for expired parking meters and paying them before police can issue a ticket.

The group, comprised of six "Robin Hooders," search the town of Keene for delinquent drivers and leave a note behind that says, “Your meter expired; however, we saved you from the king's tariffs." The note is signed, "Robin Hood and his Merry Men," and urges recipients to consider "paying it forward," The Washington Times reported.

The city, for its part, said the group "intentionally taunted, interfered with, harassed and intimidated" the city's three parking enforcement officers, the report said. The suit identifies the "Robin Hood" members and was filed on May 2.

One officer says he has been harassed by the group and another says he faced profanities and derogatory comments about his previous military service.

"They say video recording or talking to them is harassing them, but I don't agree with that," James Cleaveland, a member of the group, told the Union Leader. The group says the city is suing because the city is losing revenue.

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