Navy Ship Commander Faces Court-Martial Over Alleged Sexual Assault of Crew Members

A Navy ship commander accused of sexually assaulting two women on his crew this year is slated to appear in a San Diego military court Friday.

Cmdr. Jay Wylie is facing a general court-martial, the military court reserved for the most serious offenses, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Wylie is the former skipper of the Everett, Wash.-based destroyer USS Momsen.

Wylie's attorney, Jeremiah Sullivan, wouldn't say Thursday what kind of plea his client will enter but told the newspaper that Wylie will "take full responsibility for his actions."

According to the Navy, Wylie got drunk on two occasions and sexually assaulted the women.

The first incident alleges that on New Year's Eve, Wylie pinned a junior female officer, tried to kiss her and assaulted her with his hand up her skirt.

A month later, he allegedly tried to persuade her to keep quiet.

In April, Wylie pressured a junior enlisted sailor to come to his room, where he allegedly kissed her and sexually assaulted her.

The trial wil be held at San Diego Naval Base and is expected to last one day.

Wylie has served the Navy for 19 years.

Twenty officers have been relieved of command by the Navy this year.