Murderer of Georgia girl, 7, gets life in prison without parole

The man who pleaded guilty to the brutal murder of a seven-year-old Georgia girl was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, WAGA reported.

Dressed in a bulletproof vest and orange jumpsuit, 20-year-old maintenance man Ryan Brunn described to the court in detail how he lured Jorelys Rivera on Dec. 2 into a vacant apartment, molested her, then killed her.

Brunn said he used a photograph of the girl's missing roller skate, which he had taken earlier in the day, to convince Jorelys to enter the empty unit with him.

"I photographed it on my phone and showed it to her and asked her if it was hers," he said. "I told her to come with me, and I'd get it for her, and she came."

When asked by the judge why he did this, Brunn calmly said it was for "sexual purposes."

He told the court that after the molestation took place, he feared Jorelys would tell someone what had happened.

"I was just so terrified and scared that ... I didn't want her to go home and tell her mom and dad on me. And I just ... I cut her," he said.

Continuing, Brunn said he cut the girl's neck with a razor and beat her to death with her own skate. Afterward, he dumped her body in a trash compactor.

He pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including murder, child molestation and abandonment of a dead body.

Prosecutors said they accepted a deal to keep the "sociopathic killer" under lock and key.

"It's not often that we get to see a monster appear in court and make full disclosure about the horrible crime that they've committed, and certainly we don't get to see justice served this fast," Georgia Bureau of Investigation director Vernon Keenan said.

Jorelys' mother, Joselinne Rivera, told WAGA she wanted to thank the police, prosecutors and community for helping to bring justice to her family.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office added that Brunn was transferred Tuesday to a state prison in Jackson, Ga.