Massachusetts police hunting for 'armed and dangerous' murder suspect

Police are searching for a Wendell, Mass. man who is accused of killing a 48-year-old woman in that town and then driving to Chicopee and shooting at an employee working at a trucking firm there, according to

Lewis Starkey III, 53, 179 West St., Wendell, is being accused of walking up to an employee at Specialized Trucking on Griffith Road at just before 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and shooting at him with a shotgun, Chicopee Police Public Information Officer Michael Wilk said.

The victim was sitting behind glass. The shotgun blast broke the pane and the employee was cut by flying glass. The gun malfunctioned and the Starkey fled, Wilk said and the victim was brought to the hospital for treatment but was not seriously injured.

Authorities have released the identity of the woman who died after being shot in Wendell on Tuesday. The victim was identified as 48-year-old Amanda Glover, of 179 West St., Wendell, said Mary Carey, spokesman for the Northwestern District Attorney’s office.

Starkey is considered armed and dangerous.

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