Mass. Mailman Accused of Delivering Drugs on the Job

According to court documents, 30-year-old Stephen Hale was delivering more than just letters on his mail routes.

The 9 year United States Postal Service employee is charged with selling and using Oxycontin while on the clock.

After issuing a search warrant on the home of one of Hales alleged buyers investigators set Hale up. The buyer contacted Hale asking for the drug. Hale was allegedly trying to obtain it and sell it for $70 a pill when was arrested.

The drug enforcement agency set up surveillance and confiscated Hale's phone. Hale admitted to selling drugs and taking money from a letter that was picked up on his route.

Police also found a small quantity of Suboxone and Lexapro on him which he did not have a prescription for.

Hale was among four people arrested for alleged involvement a drug ring.
Two of those also arrested are charged with making false prescriptions on a home computer and forging a doctor's name on them.

Hale walked out of court today after posting $5000 bail, with a promise to appear next month with an attorney. He has been placed on leave from the post office.

There was no answer at his home today but neighbors say they're surprised.

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