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USPS worker allegedly takes disability, goes fishing

A former U.S. Postal Service employee in Anchorage was arraigned Friday on charges he accepted at least $334,000 in disability and worker's comp payments while he spent his summers fishing.The U.S. attorney's office says in a Friday release that 56-year-old Amacio Zamora Agcaoili Jr. was indicted by a federal grand jury on 18 counts, including theft of government funds.They claim every summer between 2009 and 2013, he went dipnetting and fishing on multiple occasions despite being on disability.Assistant U.S. Attorney Yvonne Lamoureux also claims Agcaoli lied about not working when he was paid for preparing tax returns and immigration paperwork.Authorities also claim he failed to tell the Social Security Administration about his worker's comp payments, to which he wasn't entitled....

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  1. U .S . Postal Service Reports $5.2B Loss

    Mailing and Fulfillment Services Association president Ken Garner on how the USPS can turn a profit.

  2. It's All Your Money: Taxpayers may be on hook for US Postal Service losses

    The U.S. Postal Service is often the butt of jokes, but there's nothing funny about the agency's bottom line.The USPS is losing up to $25 million dollars a day. Unti...

  3. Amazon, US Postal Service team up to deliver on Sundays

    Amazon says it is teaming up with the U.S. Postal Service to deliver packages on Sundays.The Seattle company says Sunday delivery will be available to Amazon Prime m...

  4. U .S . Postal Service proposing offering banking services

    FBN's Rich Edson on the U . S . Postal Service proposing the allowance of basic banking services.

  5. US Postal Service to default on second $5B payment

    The U.S. Postal Service is on the brink of default on a second multibillion-dollar payment it can't afford to pay.Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe says the agency ...

  6. USPS Drowning in Red Ink

    Art Sackle of the 21st Century Postal Service Coalition on restructuring the U . S . Postal Service .

  7. USPS Sends Out an S.O.S

    Geddes, Cornell University associate professor, on how to save the U . S . Postal Service .

  8. Privatize the U .S . Postal Service ?

    Competitive Enterprise Institute’s John Berlau on the steps to reforming the U . S . Postal Service .

  9. US Postal Service to cut Saturday service

    Steve Centanni reports from Washington, D.C.

  10. U .S . Postal Service Near Default

    Financially troubled agency wants Congress to act

  11. US Postal Service offers cash for iPhones

    The U.S. Postal Service launched its buyback program for used electronics on Friday, including pretty generous pricing for old iPhones, along with free shipping.The ...

  12. Current, Retired Postal Workers Fight Cuts to USPS

    Retired U . S . Postal Service Postman Curt Cary on the hunger strike by current and retired postal workers over budget cuts.

  1. US Postal Service considers offering banking services

    USPS considers offering check cashing and small loans

  2. Senate seeks ways to save ailing US Postal Service

    With big postal cuts looming, the Senate is deciding whether to stabilize the ailing U.S. Postal Service with a short-term cash infusion while delaying most decision...

  3. Possible bailout for the US Postal Service ?

    A look at the problems, potential solutions

  4. Fired from US Postal Service for military service?

    Sgt. Maj. Richard Erickson vs. USPS

  5. U .S . Postal Service teams up with Amazon

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent on the U . S . Postal Service ’s new partnership with the Internet retailer.

  6. Postal Service bailout? USPS billions in the red as lawmakers push reform

    It might feel like first-class postage is going up every few weeks, but the U.S. Postal Service nevertheless is in need of a bailout. Frank Todisco, chief actuary fo...

  7. Scammers using fake USPS emails to steal personal information

    Consumer advocates say scammers are using bogus U.S. Postal Service emails to steal personal information.Officials of the Better Business Bureau on said hackers send...

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