Maryland school district bans cupcakes, party invitations, hugs over safety concerns

A Maryland school district looking to create a safer environment at its facilities is telling students that the following are not allowed in classrooms: homemade cupcakes, birthday invitations and hugs from parents other than your own.

The new rules at St. Mary’s County Schools come in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, NBC Washington reports, and were proposed by parents, principals and school staff.

The cupcake rule is to protect students from food allergies, while a school official said birthday invitations are no longer acceptable because students who aren’t invited could have their feelings hurt. Other rules put limits on lunch and recess visits from parents and siblings.

“We think it’s the right balance between safety and parental involvement,” Kelly Hall, executive director of elementary schools and Title I, told Southern Maryland Newspapers Online.

However, not everyone is in agreement.

One school board member called the rules horrible, saying parents shouldn’t be as restricted when visiting their children at school, NBC Washington reports.

The rules are being tested in schools and are subject to review at the end of the school year.

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