Manhattan public-school complex has been without hot water for nearly 3 years

There’s been an extended ice age at this Manhattan public-school complex.

The hot-water system at the Park West Educational Campus — which houses five public high schools in Hell’s Kitchen — was knocked out during construction back in 2014, and it still hasn’t been restored, The Post has learned.

Tired of hand-washings that leave their fingers numb with cold and concerned over cleaning and cafeteria practices, some students have resorted to calling 311 themselves after complaints to administrators went nowhere.

The block-long West 50th Street complex — home to the Facing History School, the High School of Hospitality Management, the Urban Assembly School of Design and Management, Manhattan Bridges HS and Food and Finance HS — serves roughly 2,200 kids.

Adequate hot-water provision is required for all city schools, according to the city Department of Education.

“You press the cold tap down, and you get cold water,” said one student at Urban Assembly on Thursday. “You press the hot-water tap down, and you get cold water. It’s been like that forever.”

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