Man who 'lost tooth' hunting for Tom Brady Uggs faked story

A Boston man who said he lost a tooth while searching for slippers signed by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as part of a scavenger hunt now says he faked his story.

Luke Barosky tried to find one of three pairs of Ugg slippers signed by Brady in December, but had no luck.

He says he decided to post a picture on Brady's Facebook page that showed him with a missing tooth. He wrote that he was running so hard, looking for the slippers that he fell and lost a tooth. The post went viral and Brady ended up sending him a signed pair.

Barosky says it was all a joke and he never thought his story would be taken seriously. He plans to donate one of the shoes to charity.

Fox Sports reported that one commenter, at the time, questioned the photo.

"I just scrolled through all of Luke's photos. Interesting that there are very few photos of him, and that none of the few show his teeth. Also interesting to see that he's a professional graphic designer, and that the toothless photos he sent look photoshopped. Seems to me that he either went and deleted every photo that showed his teeth, because he's been missing the tooth for years, or that he photoshopped it, and he's just miserable and never smiles, except when he loses a tooth," the person wrote. "Something doesn't smell right. Someone needs to check the PSI in his tooth."