Man in homeless killings case deemed mentally incompetent

A San Diego judge Friday deemed a man charged with carrying out a string of deadly attacks on sleeping homeless men last summer to be mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Judge Steven Stone ordered Jon David Guerrero to be sent to Patton State Hospital for up to three years or until he is determined to be competent.

The 39-year-old Guerrero has been charged with three counts of murder and two counts of premediated attempted murder in the attacks in July that terrorized the city's homeless population.

The men were set afire or had railroad spikes driven into their bodies.

Court records show Guerrero has been diagnosed in the past with schizophrenia. He has a history of arrests and mental competency hearings, including orders to be sent to a state hospital for treatment.

His defense attorney did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

In a report to the judge, a court-appointed doctor noted that Guerrero would not cooperate in being interviewed about his competency.

Another report by a doctor recommended he be administered anti-psychotic drugs involuntarily.

Guerrero could face life in prison if eventually convicted.