A Mexican national who had been deported three times in three months, has pleaded guilty to possession and intent to distribute $400,000 worth of crystal meth to an undercover agent, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

According to court documents, Saul Bustos Bustos, 38, and Irepan Salgado, 24, drove a “methmobile” with $560,000 worth of crystal meth to an IHOP in Hialeh, Florida – about 30 minutes Northwest of Miami – to meet with a "customer" on the afternoon of November 28.

The “customer” was an undercover officer who negotiated a deal to purchase $400,000 worth of contraband from Bustos and Salgado. The agent accompanied Bustos and Salgado to a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, The Herald reported. As soon as Bustos and Salgado unloaded the paraphernalia from their vehicle into the agent’s box, they were arrested, court documents said.

Bustos and Salgado each face 10 years to life in federal prison for possession and intent to distribute, The Herald reported. Bustos faces a longer prison sentence for illegal reentry after removal. According to court documents, Bustos admitted to reentering the United States after being deported April 13, July 6, and July 19 in 2017.