Los Angeles resolution makes public schools sanctuaries from ICE

Los Angeles public schools passed a resolution Tuesday making campuses sanctuaries for illegal immigrants in danger of being deported.

The school board’s resolution was shaped as a reaffirmation of a measure passed last year that designated Los Angeles public schools as a “safe place” for illegal immigrants and their families, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

The new resolution offers more protections.

Schools are barred from asking a student or a family member’s immigration status. The school district plans to educate students and families about their rights when talking to law enforcement.

“We know that there are things beyond our capacity, so we are not offering any undocumented students or their families or an employee a magic bullet,” board member Monica Garcia said before the resolution was voted on.

Board President Steve Zimmer said immigrants across Los Angeles have been fearful about law enforcement since Donald Trump was elected president in November and vowed a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

“This act of noncooperation follows in an important history of noncooperation with unjust laws, unjust actions that are contrary to our Constitution and contrary to our value system, but also contrary to our mission as a school district,” Zimmer said.

The resolution came after Romulo Avelica-Gonzlaez was arrested by ICE officials as he took his daughter to school in February in Highland Park.

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